Pre-production: Kinnaree Initial Concepts 2

Experimental style - the line work in the first two will serve to create something profoundly Thai in the next set. The remaining three are scraps. Aiming to get the gist of this as I continue.

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  1. Hey Dayle! I really like what I see here :) I love how the lines work so dynamically for the character. Personally, I like the first one's and the third one's face. You've got a happy youthful one and then a slightly more serious one. Maybe a combination between the two? She appears serious at first in the animation but then relaxes and enjoys her dance more.

    In terms of body types I like the idea of her having wide hips and a small waist. I think you should stick to doing silhouettes. I like the second one for its contrast of pointy and curvy lines. It signifies her personality I think :)

    Keep up, its getting there!