This post sums up what we have been up to for the last few weeks after submission, in preparation for the New Designers exhibition in London this upcoming July. We knew that at the time of submission, the incompleteness of Kinnaree was not ideal for New Designers. There were major issues regarding the editing of Act two and three; the shots didn't work as a composition; there was hardly any communication between the two characters and the position of the characters in the scene was confusing. It should have been a thing of the past going about the editing of our animation the right way, re-evaluating things like the order of shots and the camera behaviour. 

This is our first attempt in re-story-boarding. In this version, we attempted to scrap the part where Kinnaree was falling and instead replaced it with facial communication between the two. 

This second version based on playblasts is our most resolved one. We are happy  the shots work a lot better now and hoping to keep on animating the rest of the scenes this weekend.

Also, some environment experimentation we've been up to to enhance the props.

Final (WIP) Animation

Technical Paper

CD Design

DVD case design
Demo Reel