Pre-production: Hemaraj Development 2

After the talk I had with Alan today it made me look at our quadruped character from a different point of view. We want him to interact with the Kinnaree, meaning performing some sort of dance or do playful movements.The decision we have to make is: is he going to be standing on four legs when he dances or stand on his two like a human. Making him work with the latter will mean more complicated rigging, or even two completely different rigs. I thought it would be interesting to go with a more in between approach by looking at Remi from Pixar's Ratatouille. He can walk in four legs but can also walk like a human to show his more sophisticated side.I gave Hemaraj short legs this time, like a Munchkin's cat, so it looks like his back legs are more supportive when he stands up. 
Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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