(@Phil): Pre-production: Vegetation experiments 2

Here is a couple of initial foliage designs with new colour palette. Interesting to note in the attached references is the gold colours. On an international level, gold combined with lighter shades symbolises wealth and prosperity. Another way to look at its meaning – albeit subjective - is it’s usage to represent armour on top of flesh belonging to an imperial lineage of people. But in the references there a few individuals wearing no gold. If we assume the notion of social stratification, the people excluded from the golden patterns probably belong to a common ancestry and so there is illustrative divide. Our lead character is something of a special deity so the idea of bloodline and imperial belonging is a feature we're thinking about for the character design/ dictating the amount of gold in her costume.

There is a lack of gold in the surrounding nature in the murals (works conversely in the case of our designs). Gold is central to life, very bold; the first thing we see. Experimented use of gold in nature is something to consider, then whether there’s a weighted use of it. These are things to continue thinking about...

We’re going to continue experimenting by limiting the colours to core Thai cuisine: Golden patterns, green and jade etc. 

Andriana discussed colour theory from Thai culture on an older entry; click here to read her analysis post.


  1. Hi guys - I like the tree on the left very much - with that gold trunk and lovely blue. Not sure how to read the 'hill' design - is that landscape/rolling hills etc? You'll need to be aware, I guess, of thickness of line and how that might work with the notion of perspective (i.e. thinner, fainter lines as the scene recedes from the viewer). I suggest you start to build a mock-up Maya scene and start making sense of some of these spatial cues. Obviously, in regard to your colour rules - you should be prepared to push them in terms of artistic license, if, ultimately, your world is asking you to! :)

  2. May want to try a darkish olive green on the tree on the right? I think the current colour shade you're using is conflicting with the gold outline. But the use of gold adheres more to the world due to it's less weighted use.