Pre-production: Animatic V2

Animatic V2:


  1. I think there is more to be cut from the animation - It feels a little too long and little too 'front heavy'. You could start on the first character as opposed to long establishing shots or find a simpler combined method to get into the animation quicker. It's over a minute before the characters meet too. Get in quicker and leave more time to build a relationship.

    Also, finishing on the basic trees at the end feels a little unsatisfying and could possibly be used in a more symbolic way - May be two flowers representing the characters for example?

  2. You may want to explore the idea of subtle 'pairs' in your animation. At the start things are singular - one leaf, one tree, etc but in the last shot things are pairs - two leaves, two tree,s etc to symbolised a union or relationship.

  3. Thanks for the advice Alan. I wasn't sure about the weighting of shots in the animatic and these new suggestions should do the trick, plus that extra number with the subtle pairs.

    As you know, Andriana's work exp. with Picasso is next Monday, so I'm inclined skipping version 3 of the animatic and working to establish the character designs with her before then. This way I can concentrate on wrapping up pre-production to perhaps even the start of 3D besides the two weeks she'll be away.