(@Phil): Pre-production: Vegetation experiments

Here are a selection of designs we both worked on.
Andriana established some shapes by looking at traditional Thai
art & Lai/ Kranok patterns. We scanned in the pictures
and I experimented with colour.
These are mainly pieces of foliage:


  1. Yes - I like the top tree, but I'd like to see it tidied up a bit and some versions with just plain colour, perhaps building up to something more innate - choose a single template, and provide iterations of them in terms of colour and surface pattern etc.

    I've probably pointed you in this direction before, but some of these backgrounds from Samurai Jack balance surface with flat shape really nicely:


    also you might find these inspiration - painting demonstrations from the Samurai Jack artist: there are a number of them; this link is number 3


    I'll probably feature these on the group blog soon - will be useful for the first years too :)

  2. sorry *innate* - I meant 'ornate' - you must have been puzzling over this since I left the comment - apologies! (Too much postmodernism in my brain, I think!).