Production: Hemaraj's Texturing Tests 1

I am very excited to be texturing Hemmy this week. This is probably the most complicated texturing I've worked with so far since I've been relying on more basic shaders and colours so far in my projects. I experimented with mia material x and phongs to get a glossy outcome for his basic, sculpted-looking skin. However I found it quite hard dealing with mia material x when it comes to bump mapping and plugging it into layered shaders, so I used a phng which works in a similar way. 
My next step will be to make his specular maps more green and work on his sculpted 'mane', and ornaments in Mudbox. Exciting times!
Some render tests and Texture Maps.

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  1. Looking cool Andi, thanks for your comment the other day and extend the same to you what a wonderful character Well Done! :)