Pre-production: Kinnaree visualising and silhouette turnaround

We have eclipsed the half way point of the project. I have work experience early December that is likely to hinder the later production stages of Kinnaree in some way or another, so while these concepts are clear but not final, my aim is to take measures and kick-start production. Realistically, there is a lot to achieve in the next couple months so this becomes something of a timing scenario. As I'll be modelling Kinnaree, these are some generally referred measures that will hopefully contribute to the benefit of the project. It will be easier to get a sense of what is working and evaluate it in 3D.

Also, Justin explained here the design features of Kinnaree that has helped envision/ steered her design into 3D.

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  1. She's looking great! Very dynamic curves going on there. I am glad you went for that sort of leg design cause she looks like she is capable of dancing now :)