1st Assessment Checklist -Minor Project

To breakdown what we will be assessed on for the first criteria of our project, meaning character design for the Minor, I made a Checklist that we can go back to and edit along the way. This list will be treated like a Character Bible by looking back at how we presented our last year's characters' pipeline. So here is what we could could consider for the Characters and any other project related work.

Character Bible Checklist

-Character Bios
-Initial Character Sketches and Visual Development
-Final Turnarounds and Concept

-Modelling Progress
-Lighting/Rendering tests
-Rigging techniques
-Rendered Poses of  Characters

Footage Outcomes
-Final Turnarounds with possible animation before or after the ‘spinning’  (Wireframes, Ambient Occlusion, Silhouettes, Final Textured Model)
-Screen recorded demos of the Rigs

Other project related Work

-Final PreViz
-Resolved Environment Design (Texturing, Displacement Mapping, Lighting tests)

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