Production: Environment Props and Ornament Texturing tests

For the last two days I decided to challenge myself with more texturing and this time on the props and some of the ornament details that will be used on the characters. I got more into Mudbox and used Normal or Displacement maps to plug back into Maya. I am not very pleased with the colours of the tree, especially the gold outline,but that is something I need to work on. Also make it look more like an enamel. Hopefully, our environment's look will be sorted out during next week.
And a few closeups of the trees with different bump values of the inner colour and specular values of the gold.


  1. yum - I'd like a closer look at those trees you're created - they look rather sumptuous - any chance of some closer views? :)

  2. I can put some renders up tomorrow :) I don't have the scene files with me right now

  3. :D Can't wait to see these 'in-situ' !