Pre-production: Character Anatomy and Appearance Study

Both Kinnaree and Hemaraj are an anatomical mixture of creatures. Making these hybrids work anatomically and getting them to move and walk will be the trickiest bit of this project. If the base skeleton has flaws the animation can result badly.
Firstly, the Kinnaree, a half bird half human creature. It is said to be a bird from the waist downwards with a beautiful pair of wings and tail. Although, in the descriptions the bird is more of a swan, in murals its feathers look more colourful than that of a swan.They resemble other birds' feather colours and structure like:Peacock, Australian lyrebird, Formosan magpie, Paradisaea Rudolphi, Birds of paradise, Pheasants. It's worth looking into other birds for reference and there is a huge variety to choose from.
Hemaraj is a more interesting creature. It belongs to the lion based  beings of the forest but appears to have the head of a Hong ( a bird creature resembling a swan) on murals. In other illustrations its head looks like a crocodile with a long snout and revealing teeth. There is a huge choice of experimentation with skin textures, skeletal mixtures and animal behaviours for Hemaraj.We chose this creature for its interesting mixture of animals, the fact that it looks humorous and its lion anatomy which is the closest to a dog one. We want Hem to act like a playful dog so a mammal like a lion's one will be a good base to work on.

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