Pre-production: Branding Development

Naming our studio was the first step we had to take for this project. We had no idea what the name could mean for us so we started combining different word groups together like food with planets, fruit with animals or weather conditions with objects. We decided to go for Mango Mercury. It sounds like a juicy explosion of ideas- a fresh start for this project. Other name ideas we found interesting were:

·Brushippo· Maple Mercury· Surreal Seal· Misty Flint· Maple Meteor· Lemon flint· Cubic apple· Grey Lemon· Lemon Splash· Apple White·Snowy Cherry· Jealous Lemon· Lemon Rain· Acute Zebra· Storm Zebra· Lemon Chaos· Lemon-pulse· Zebra-GO· Maple Triad· Chrono Lemon· Maple gate· Snowy Page· Pearl Zebra· Pebble Float

I sketched out some very quick logo ideas on paper. The main idea was to somehow show the explosion of mango juices with the planet. We liked the idea of colourful liquid orbiting the planet.

To avoid making our logo and header look like a Mango Juice Brand, we kept the orange colour limited. Dayle also made his own font with a soft gradient and light shadowing. This is our header design which shows our studio name and main logo - a mango planet collapsing with a meteorite and creating an explosion of juices. 

Next is our watermark, again similar to our header design but more minimalistic so it can be easily placed on our files like images or Word Documents.

Our blog  follows the idea of an simple design with some some nice touches like the brushstrokes on the post titles, our own font in some of the side links, the speech bubble for commenting and the decorative paintings around the page for nice framing. 
The blog will undergo some slight changes but that is the main idea of it. Stay tuned for more updates.


  1. Hey Guys - are you going to launch MM via the group blog?

  2. ... I can include it in the next PWTM (Sept 3rd or thereabouts?)

  3. Hey Phil! You can include it in the next PWTM if that's ok :)