Pre-production: Unsorted plan with working entries

Unsorted plan with working entries

Character names TBA:

Research the period setting to focus on production design more efficiently
Brain storm
Initial script
Completed ident with corporate jingle 
Film and animation research/ Spiritual iconography
Project Roles – Coalesce who’s going to be doing what
List of interactive items and props for animation (cont’d)
Final script
Kinnaree initial Alchemy silhouettes
Kinnaree final Alchemy silhouettes
Hem initial Alchemy silhouettes
Hem final Alchemy silhouettes
Hem initial body shapes
Hem final body shapes
Initial character concept art 
Initial story boards
Kinnaree initial character facial expressions
Kinnaree final character facial expressions 
Hem initial character facial expressions
Hem final character facial expressions
Kinnaree initial body shapes
Kinnaree final body shapes
Kinnaree resolved character design
Hem resolved character design
Kinnaree initial turnaround
Kinnaree resolved turnaround
Hem initial turnaround
Hem resolved turnaround
Kinnaree detailed concept
Hem detailed concept
Initial environment design
Final environment design
Initial mise-en-scène design
Final mise-en-scène design
Title tests
All of above to be refined
Initial animatic 
Final animatic 


Kinnaree Character modelling
Hem Character modelling
Refining script comedy-gags/ research situation gags in animations
Post-production – Marketing: 
Press-junket – conference inventory
Personal business cards
3D Matte Concepts
Soundtrack tests
Quadruple Additional/ Trotting/ Jumping Tests
Quadruple Walking Cycle Test 1 – 5 Dec 2012
Quadruped Animation Research
Art and Symbology
Social Networking to be completely synced up

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  1. Great list Dayle! There is definately A LOT to work on for this project