Pre-production: Character Bios

Character Bios

Kinnaree/ Swan Lady

Known to be a strong woman, but also fragile at certain times. Much in the manner of appearance (hair and clothing), her character is tough but with a sweetness background of a celestial dancer. With a high sense of independence, and faced with the need to continue her “destiny”, she went on without relying on anyone. The woodland dance is an expression of her inner strength; gracefulness is released when she performs the dance. Sometimes she has attacks of spectacular laughter, completely contrasting with her usual personality.


Hem is a strange creature, believed to be complex and dynamic, though it has a cheerful soul with a strong determination hidden in the back of its chest. It is a denizen of the Himalayan forest and encounters Kinnaree as she sets off on her pilgrimage. With Kinnaree, Hem emulates the grace and elegance of the swan lady. It is an accompanying patron of dance and tries his best to be part of it, energetic and curious.

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