Production: Kinnaree's Animation Progress 4

The W.I.P. dance sequence is going steadily. I will go through the upper-body animations and then smooth out the key-frame tangents, so that the pressure and flow of all the limbs look rhythmic, continuing a nice organic tempo (as is the case past the halfway point).


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  1. I'm just smiling from ear to ear when I watch this Dayle, because with each new update, Kinnaree becomes more fluid, more performative - so just keep going, keep looking, and reflecting - and remember to keep the whole film in your head and work across sequences in passes, so that the whole film is brought up in terms of quality in a consistent way. There's still something a bit sliding about her feet - like she's gliding on the flats of her feet, and I'm just wondering if maybe she needs to be up on the balls of her feet more generally; obviously her feet are big and perhaps tricky to make completely elegant, but she does seem a bit flat-footed. Dancers tend to push down through the floor through the balls of their feet - and push up 'using' the floor.