Production: Environment update

So I did a bit of experimenting with the updated 'enameled' props, fog and a bit of gobo lighting. I am liking the colour pallette so far; its saturated with a tint of blue and gold just like Thai murals. I am not fully satisfied with the way the gobo works nor with the actual material of the props (the inner bit looks a bit like tin foil), possibly need to lower down the bump on the inner colour.


  1. Hey Andi,

    yes - that top image is full of nuance and shimmer - very soft. And that flower is looking rather lovely too. The only thing I'd say is that you probably want to avoid any completely flat edges on the bases of the environment elements - as where you've got scrolling edges the effect is much more pleasing and fluid.

  2. Loving how your world is coming together guys, Really stunning! :)