Production: Hemmy's Animation Progress 2

Since my last update, I've been working on refining Hemmy's run cycle. The previous one proved to be odd: it looked more like he was elevating rather than launching up. I also tried combining his run cycle with a pause to suggest playfulness. My first attempt for him to pause proved weird since he looked like he was scared of something, so I changed that to a 'playtime' dog pose. 

1 comment:

  1. Hey Andi - so much more character now, though there's still not enough 'push off' conveyed by the contact of his front paws, as if the force of movement is not quite being caused by his feet. It's not like he's 'digging in' before letting go - like we don't see his claws bunch-up and then release. This is easy for me to type I know - and probably a nightmare to implement, but it's just that his 'fingers/claws' don't seem to reacting. That said, lovely movement detail on his ears (but his tail sometimes doesn't react?). Onwards, Andi - just keep folding character and explosiveness into his actions - and then use pauses and head tilts and ear movement to convey 'thought' and reflection. :)