Production: Kinnaree's Animation Progress 3

I have been continuing the W.I.P dance and progress is okay, however clocking in around 9 seconds of block/ refined animation in two days. Things should gradually speed up when the animations are not so dynamic. This particular segment will have another 15-20 seconds added onto the end. My main focuses are to blend out the frames (e.g. some minor elbow-"snapping" movements) and establish feet pivots to eliminate foot-gliding. I am going to do my best to generate quality seconds that will count towards the final piece, but with some pacing in regards to unit deadline consciousness. Like the previous video update, this one includes some nCloth/ silk preset experimentation's, though by using the same preset setup - and this is towards the end - there is this elastic spread in the nCloth. I will have to integrate it to look more natural later on, but for now, using it helps envision how it look like.


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