Production: Kinnaree's Animation Progress 6

New W.I.P. walk and dynamics testing. The settings for the hair system and nuclei will have to be revised at some point to control the level of bounciness and for the flat geometry movements to be convincing. I've used a combination of joints and rivets; I was unsure at first whether rivets would retain their world-space position with all the scrubbing back and forth with my animation clips. I have tested this will the new W.I.P. walk and many worries have been lifted for the moment. To support the annotation in the video, the top-half of the body's dynamics (waist and back mainly, not any of the head hair-planes) have been setup using mainly joints and no rivets, and the bottom-half (back-leg feathers) with rivets. They will probably be stable enough to use and rely on for what I am after to do, but I will have to confirm this by experimenting with other rhythmic animations on the dynamics rig.

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