@Phil Production: Act 3 Editing Progress 01

Hello Phil!
I took in your advice and playblasted the whole sequence through different camera angles such as shoulder shots, Point of View Shots, establishing shots etc. I combined shots in 3 different takes. So far I like take 2. I must admit the ones I parented on the characters didn't work as well due to shakiness so I relied mainly on the more static shots and the cameras I manually controlled. I am a bit too attached to the back shot but I tried to stitch other shots together to make a better sense of where the viewer and the characters are. I am going to continue refining the animation during the weekend (as it's very rough in places right now for the sake of the shots) and again experiment with cameras. Be honest  with my progress, please! :D 


  1. These takes look great! More credible quality over the original pre-vis version (Cue: Thank you, Phil!).

    Andi, now that you have worked on developing the Hemaraj-POV-of-Kinnaree repeat shot in take 1 since you last showed me, take 1 is redundant competition now.

    In take 2, I like the camera facing down at Hemaraj (0:53) as he is trying to nip at Kinnaree's tail. Something about the tail-POV and the synergies of cuts that work in take 2.

    Not a fan of the static wide-shot in take 3 (at 1:03) as it breaks away from staying in with the characters. The angle mimicking-POV-shot from Kinnaree's eyes (1:07) is just too sharp. To note as well: This would mean you would have to animate Hemaraj and me Kinnaree to cater to these particular shots, albeit trying to overcome some of the minor technical issues with the rigs at the same time. But so far, from what I can see, this is not a problem.