@Phil Production: Dance Sequence Editing Progress 02

Hello again,
I tried to stick to the advice you gave me and made sure Kinnaree was within the shot and this time with more establishing shots and a few close ups. Hope it's better now and more linear :)

*Updated version after the feedback*


  1. Great stuff, Andi - well done - the editing and composition and flow seems much more purposeful now! 2 final nitpicks and then, my dear, it's time to commit to some renders and move on:

    1) The leg shot at approx 8 secs isn't doing Kinnaree any favours; I'd substitute for something more obviously elegant here - keep above the waist?

    2) at around the 29 sec mark when you cut to the close-up of the spin, I suggest you trim the beginning of that shot of a few frames, so that when we cut to that shot, Kinnaree's head is already entering the frame and moving across it - because right now it does seem a tiny bit odd to cut to an empty frame at that point; so, begin that shot with Kinnaree's head already in shot and moving across the screen, and it will feel immediately more dynamic!

    You've both worked really hard at this - and it shows. You've already come a long way from watching your original pre-vis set-ups and scratching your heads thinking 'why isn't this more dynamic?'. I know want both of you to think as carefully about the sequencing of the shots you're yet to commit to; you can save yourselves a lot of time by banking your knowledge learned here and applying it judiciously to your other scenes. Well done :)

  2. sorry - I *now* want both of you etc...