Production: Kinnaree Rigging 1

Over the past week I have explored further technical terrain in Maya. Having experimented with the skinning pose deformers/ reader plug-in and Maya muscle system (techniques in Maya can get quite discursive) I decided to go ahead with pose deformers. It is a time efficient way to go about this particular pipeline and can create similar results to Maya muscle, especially as this project has a limited time schedule. The Maya muscle system is really fantastic and has many advantages over posing and sculpting dirtily with this third party plug-in. 

I have also started looking at Maya nDynamics, using multiple nuclei and Ncloth settings. Ncloth is packed with a myriad of presets. In this case I simply applied a silk preset to the chest geometry and applied point constraints to bind it into a position (check out Digital Tutors). These type of animated enhancements are desirable for the final render.

A few stills of Kinnaree's rigging process:

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