Production: Hemaraj's Posing issues

One of Alan's suggestions on our last tutorial, was to get to know our characters more before jumping into complicated rigging. As an exercise he advised to look through our animatic and roughly work out with quick sketching what sort of poses are needed for the animation.
For a start, Hemmy will have to be able to run which his back legs and skinning are restricting him from doing so, at the moment. Also, he can't sit down due to some skinning issues and his tarsle joint not being able to be placed flat down. 
The whole of next week will be getting deep into Skin Deformers in Maya to solve these issues.


  1. good forensic, practical post, Andi - and all the re-jigs will be worth it when Hemmy performs for you beautifully :)

  2. Thanks Phil, hopefully all the hassle will be worth it :)