(@Alan & Phil) Production: First Pre-Vis update

Pre-vis update. Ignore the alpha plane glitching.


  1. Hi Andi, hi Dayle...

    Okay - my first reaction is one of excitement at seeing you 'finally' committing to putting your environment together; those very layered scenes are already feeling very immersive and when you see Kinnaree amongst it, I'm not left thinking 'hold on, her world is made up of 2d planes!'. One of the most satisfying experiences of your sets comes when there is gentle parallax - when the camera is panning left or right so that we really feel the separate layers of environment gliding over each other - really creates space. Likewise when you've got clear foreground elements - something for us to look past/over/through - and I'm wondering if you could maximise opportunities for parallax + foreground in areas of your pre-viz when things get a little more flat? For example at 51 secs and 54 secs... the idea that we are 'in' this forest and also witnessing something secretive and 'behind the veil' - at least in those first establishing moments of quiet and contemplation. I'm still interested to see what you're thinking about for the floor plane? For example, you may need to think about having a selection of mini 2d planes for blades of grass, flowers etc. just to 'flick up' this flat plane and bring it in line with everything else. I know it's taken you both a bit of time to bite the bullet in regard to committing your environment - but I'm hoping you can 'see' your world with a bit more confidence now :)

  2. Hey Andi, hey Dayle - you missed today's briefing - see below...


    can you email me - I need your emails to create a dropbox share - thanks!