(@Alan/ Phil) Production: Kinnaree's Modelling Progress 5

Hey, guys. Ignore the stretched texturing, this is turnaround mainly to analyse the character with some of the improvements that were laid out from previously and from today. I've extended the length of the crown model, hip wings and tail planes. So arranging and editing the geometry. Texturing is much more native to the colour palette in this version. Experimented golden and warm hues, but it will probably be taken back in to Mudbox to be sorted out.

I'm not sure how to approach the fur surrounding the thighs and gradual decreasing to the legs. At the moment it is extruded edge planes but I'm thinking of duplicating the thigh geometry and having flat fur textures with transparency options. Perhaps have a couple of these building up and offsetting textures to give it a bit of depth?


  1. Hi Dayle, hi Andi - sorry I must have missed this update... Well, it's good to see Kinnaree's hairy legged issue resolved! You know, I think she's almost got too many feathers on her lower legs; it feels to me that these elements need to be fewer and less 'real world' - more in common with the wings on her body in so much as they're 'shapes' as opposed to 'feathers'. She's 'bird-like' not a bird hybrid. Personally, I'd like to see fewer feathers and longer feathers - more graceful, more curvature and less like 'tufts' growing horizontally out of her flesh, but rather growing up and out in longer, lighter curves with a more luxurious lightweight sense: with feather structures more like:



    Think of them as lines extending the shapeliness and femininity of her legs - up from her calves and outwards - you need to think of this in terms of costume, as opposed to 'creature design' - she's got to look elegant always - and never monstrous. Certainly, I'd try lengthening the feathers and making them a great source of secondary movement - rather like the ribbons that flow from floor gymnasts fingers!

  2. Thank you Phil! This feedback is very helpful :)

  3. Much appreciated input, Phil. I agree with you on all points, however, slightly daring is the part concerning the terms of costume, as opposed to 'creature design'. Must find a middle-ground between these two opposites for fear of creating, frankly, a female-bird-wannabe in theatre costume. Forgive me for misreading your comment if you simply meant to reduce the bird alignment in favour of more stylised and Thai human qualities for Kinnaree's design. Little-by-little, rendering monstrous out of the character design I'm all in for.

    I'll upload some new progress real soon.