Hemaraj's Texturing Progress 2

The last week has been very challenging in terms of transferring the detail sculpted from Mudbox to work back into Maya. I experimented with Displacement as well as with Normal Maps but the latter didn't seem to work as it created deep shadows and roughness on the model. 
I used my own stencils to sculpt details around Hemmy's 'mane', his necklace, his bracelets, tail and ornamental 'flames'. I am pleased with it so far but there is much more that needs to be done to perfect him. I am not settled with his colour yet but that is something that will be looked into as soon as both characters are put together in one scene with the environment. 

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  1. he's becoming very tactile - as if I could pick him up and feel all those embossed engravings; he would feel cool to the touch, like marble - and all that mane work is going to be gorgeous :)