Pre-production: Environment Art Direction

Our environment is located in the Himalayan Mountains, according to the descriptions of the Himmapan Forest. Its look will most likely be flat, rich in patterns and colours. We've been looking into artists' work that tend to avoid shading and depth and concentrate on flat textures and pure brush-strokes like Gustav Klimt and Leonid Afremov. We also feel very inspired by the film The Secret of Kells, where the lively characters are placed in beautiful hand made environments; a refreshing change from the recent rise of CG- exclusively  based films.

1 - The secret of Kells
2 - Gustav Klimt - Birch Forest, 1903
3 - Nicholas Roerich - Tibet. Himalayas., 1933
4 - Erté, L’Océan, Costume Design for Les Mers, 1923
5 - Leonid Afremov
6 - Herb Dickinson - Ginko Forest Painting - Acrylic On Panel
7 - Herb Dickinson - Golden Tops Painting - Acrylic On Panel
8 - Franklin Carmichael - October Gold, Naturalism, 1922 

We have also been researching a movement called The Arts and Crafts Art Movement. Combined with the distinctive shapes found in Thai Murals the results could turn out more than interesting. Next step will certainly be to experiment with these visuals.

"In England, during the second half of the nineteenth century, painter, writer,               textile designer and social activist William Morris (1834-1896) became the motivational leader of a revival in arts and crafts that encompassed all the visual arts, especially architecture and interiors. The Arts and Crafts movement he led in England had ramifications that spread world wide. Morris believed in a Utopian style of socialism and his affinity with natural handcrafted wares was doggedly pursued."



  1. I love William Morris' wallpaper and textile designs - and I like very much the idea of a 'non-cg' cgi world and a more illustrative style. I know I've recommended him before - certainly to Dayle - but you should absolutely look at Charley Harper:

    Other artists you might want to look at:

    Giacomo Balla
    Josh Brill -
    Eleanor Grosch -

    You might also want to look at the following Disney references for inspiration in terms of using 'flat' shapes and repetitive pattern:

    (and just look at all that flat, ravishing colour!)

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