Pre-production: Proposal 'pre-plan'

Just to re-iterate regarding the timetable, below is an extract from the brief we'll be working from. This way we have a window of time reliable and useful to complete the project.

Creative Task

This project represents the beginning of your final years study and your transition towards a creative career. In order to make this transition successful it is important to further refine your creative methodology and practical output (Pipeline). This will demonstrate to a potential employer that you are able to function in a professional capacity and possess a skill base applicable to your chose creative field.


Before starting this project you are asked to write a proposal which outlines the type of project you wish to undertake. This will typically contain the following details:

The Type of Project: For example, Character Design, Animated Short, or Digital Set.
Area of Study: The subject area or research frame work you wish to explore.
Potential ideas: Starting points for development.
Outcome / Goals: What the outcome may of the project may be.
A Timetable of Study: An overview of how you may complete this project.

You will also be asked to repeat this process later

Weeks 1 - 2: Proposal: (See Above)
Weeks 3 – 5: Research, Concept Development, and Pre-Production *
* At this stage a project green, orange, or red light will be given.

Weeks 6 – 11: Development & Production *
* The interim critique will be held during this period. Your presentation should include: Your concept overview, all research work, concept art, storyboards, pre-viz animatic, preproduction, and production work to date.

* Project Proposal: At this stage you are asked to re-write and re-submit a project proposal taking into account the current status of the project.

Weeks 12 – 14: Post-production & Submission

No reading week means no week 15. I believe this will be cleared up in today's briefing as there is a reason for this.

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