Pre-production - environment thumbnails 4 (Cut-out)

Experimenting with cut-out

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  1. You see, I think that some of the indistinct mark-making in your concept art (the marbling and smudging etc) is working against your style somehow - something you really see now in these cut-outs - for example, the spatter of colours on the green. I'd push you know to be much more 'decided' and uniform about your world and its surface-pattern - decide on a set of rules of patterns and repeats and fixed limited colour ranges. I think it could all go simpler and more 'matte' - I know there's a natural flourish to your mark-making - an interest in painterly effects - but I'd suggest your world is still falling between two stools right now - which is not to say that your thumbnails etc aren't in themselves and of themselves pleasing. I think you need to think more 'essentially' about your environment - more limitation, more economies of pattern, shape and palette.